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Cost saving is what you need and process automation workflows will do just that by improving your business process. Portalis-1 is an organizational employee portal that combines a suite of workflow applications. We offer a linked ready to use Invoice TRacker or ITR, a Governance & Risk Management workflow application that prevents SoD conflicts called ARS, Travel Management - TMS and Purchasing Requisition System with CAD applications interface or general purpose purchasing authorization - PR.
Portalis-1 is offered as a workflow appliance, check the hit list in Google, search for workflow appliance and you will find that we are number one!
No other workflow appliance is so easy to implement and use.
Please send us your inputs using the Contact Us form or drop an email to info@portalis-1.com and we will be happy to get back to you with more information.

17-Dec-2010 - we are now an official Business Partners of IBM aaaa


Portalis-1 in Hebrew

Cloud or Appliance ?

Actually both!.
Portalis-1 is offered as SaaS, starting at 400$ PM for a Portal + One of the popular modules. The appliance is suitable for any company that likes to have an internal cloud or for ISP's and Cloud computing service providers who wish to offer the customers services beyond hosting. Workflow in the cloud is a very new concept and we are proud to be the pioneers in that field

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